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Featured Ads

What distinguishes a Featured Ad? Featured Ads possess remarkable advantages that significantly enhance your selling potential.

  • 1. Prime Visibility: A Featured Ad retains its prominent position on the main page of Used Cars for a full week. Additionally, it secures a top-ranking placement in search results, captivating numerous views. This heightened visibility greatly increases the likelihood of selling your car within a matter of days.
  • 2. Unfaltering Exposure: Unlike Free Ads that gradually descend the listings as more ads are submitted, Featured Ads maintain their coveted top position. By occupying this prime spot, Featured Ads experience a remarkable tenfold increase in responses compared to regular ads.
  • 3. Exceptional Publicity: Your Featured Ad receives exceptional exposure by being showcased on the home page, which garners a staggering two million views every month. This unparalleled publicity ensures that your advertisement reaches a vast audience, maximizing your chances of finding a buyer swiftly.
  • 4. Expedited Vehicle Sale: Our research demonstrates that Featured Ads elicit a remarkable ten times greater response than regular ads. This accelerated response rate expedites the process of selling your vehicle, enabling you to achieve your goals expeditiously.
  • 5. Superior to Traditional Newspapers: In comparison to newspapers, the advantages of a Featured Ad on CarFame are undeniable. While newspapers offer limited space and print your ad for a single day, CarFame extends the duration to a week and provides you with an entire page to showcase your advertisement. The coverage and exposure you receive on CarFame far surpass the limitations of traditional newspaper advertising.
  • 6. Unmatched Coverage: As an added benefit, your Featured Ad is prominently displayed at the top of our search listings. This ensures that your advertisement receives unbeatable coverage, reaching potential buyers directly and increasing your chances of a successful sale.

By opting for a Featured Ad, you secure unparalleled visibility, extensive exposure, and a significantly higher response rate. This comprehensive package surpasses the limitations of traditional advertising platforms, positioning CarFame as the premier choice to sell your vehicle expeditiously and efficiently.