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Our powerful valuation tool helps you to price your car competitively so you can make sure you're getting a fair price. We'll guide you through creating your advert and give helpful tips to make it stand out.

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Guides to selling your car

Step 1

Take great photos

It may sound obvious - but taking good-quality photos can have a huge impact on the time it takes to sell your car. Adverts with good photos sell 3x faster

Step 2

Be honest

It's important that your vehicle description is accurate. If your car has a small scratch on it - be honest about it. It'll save time with needless viewings if buyers are aware of any faults from the get-go.

Step 3

Preparing your car

From keeping it clean to sorting repairs, here's how to get your car ready for sale.

Step 4

Creating your advert

Good-quality adverts lead to a fast sale. Read our tips to create an effective advert.

Step 5

Taking payment

Cash, bank transfer, cheque? Learn the best way to accept payment and keep yourself secure.

Step 6

Avoiding scams

Learn how to stay safe online and protect yourself from fraud.

Your questions answered

With CarFame, you’re twice as likely to sell your car within a week. We also have more options than anywhere else to sell your car, so you are in control:

  1. Easy Valuation - You can easily evaluate your vehicles and how much worth it is in the market.
  2. Instant Cash offer – The fastest way to sell your car. Get cash directly from CarFame and have the car picked up from your driveway within 48hrs.
  3. Create an advert – You are in full control with your own sale. You can create and upload your advert in just three steps, and the size of our audience means you’ll get your car in front of more buyers than on any other site.

With CarFame, you’re twice as likely to sell your car within a week. We also have more options than anywhere else to sell your car, so you are in control:

  1. When you sell your car, you’ll need to hand over the car’s handbook and the Gov of Pakistan Excise's certificate. You can verify your vehicle online on the excise vehicle Govt of Paskistan official's website.
  2. After you’ve sold the car, you’ll need a receipt with the date, price, registration number, make and model featured. You’ll also need your (and the buyer’s) name and address.
  3. You’ll need the personal Identification Card.

  1. The fastest way to sell your car on CarFame is with Instant Offer. We’ll give you a cash offer in minutes and can arrange to collect your car in under 48 hours.
  2. If you want to sell your car privately, selling it through CarFame puts it in front of the Pakistan's largest car-buying audience. We recommend you accurately and fairly price it and follow these tips on creating an eye-catching car advert.

No, it is illegal to sell a car with outstanding finance. Until you’ve finished paying for the car and the finance is settled, the car is still owned by the finance company so it’s not yours to sell.